26th June, 2020

Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition 2020

Since 2008, Writers Victoria has held the annual Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition which aims to support and profile emerging Victorian writers.

In 2020, Natasha Agafonoff received first place in Non-fiction and also the Best Regional Writer Prize for her piece ‘Sexy Nails’.

Judge’s comments: Sexy Nails’ weaves past and present together seamlessly, telling both the writer’s story and her grandfather’s, and shines a light on a specific chapter of history that is not often explored. By grounding the work in the physicality of her fingernails, Agafonoff takes a risky writing bet that pays off, resulting in a piece that is haunting and visceral.

Sexy Nails will be published in the October/November edition of The Victorian Writer.

Results for all categories are available at Writers Victoria here.